ProtoType 2

Fun, addictive space shoot'em up


  • Lots of action and fun
  • Old-school style
  • No installation required
  • Nice graphics and sound effects


  • Only three stages
  • Quite difficult, even in the easiest level

Very good

ProtoType is a side-scrolling shoot'em up in its purest form. Hence, you get loads of enemy waves, many power-ups to use against them and of course, a final boss at the end of each stage.

The game includes three different difficulty levels (rookie, novice and expert) though, in truth, all three are quite hard. The controls are pretty easy (cursor keys and Z-X for firing) but I have to say I had some problems with the down key the first time I launched the game: it simply wouldn't make the spaceship go down, but rather backwards instead. Luckily this was solved with a quick key remapping.

ProtoType may be a bit difficult, but it's also loads of fun, especially if you played this kind of games during the 80s. You'll feel like you've traveled back in time – only with better graphics and improved sound effects. You can play ProtoType at different screen resolutions and also choose between a few different tracks as background music.

The main drawback to ProtoType is its shortness: the game only features three stages, but the developers promises to create more if the game is successful enough.

With ProtoType you'll go back to old-school space invaders in a fun, action packed battle against many different enemies.



ProtoType 2

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